The November 1, 2015 BOF Mailbag
AUTHOR: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
DATE: November 1, 2015

After a two week break, the BOF MAILBAG is back!

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Now, on with this weekend's mailbag...

What do you make of the rumor that Ben Affleck isn’t really Bruce Wayne in BATMAN v SUEPRMAN and that he’s actually Deathstroke? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Hear me now and believe me later…

Ben Affleck is playing Bruce Wayne and Batman in BvS. He is not Deathstroke, period.

Christian Bale isn’t returning to play the “real Batman” in the DCEU and “The Dark Knight Trilogy” and its continuity ended with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Jared Leto is playing The Joker – THE JOKER – in SUICIDE SQUAD and in future DCEU films. He is NOT friggin’ Robin John Blake from RISES. AND…

Everything written in that article is bullocks, hogwash, nonsense, garbage, baloney, balderdash, and whatever other expression you want to use to describe it – "crazy-ass bullshit" works the best for me.

Frankly, I can’t believe anyone gave it the time of day – even to make fun of it.

Jett, what’s your take on the BvS Batsuit? And what’s your favorite suit from any of the movies?”

JETT SAYS: I like the new Batsuit a lot – especially the cowl and the Batsymbol on the suit’s chest. However, I’m not too keen on the bodysuit – and it’s not because it’s supposed to be “cloth-based.” Clearly, "muscles" are built into the suit and are supposed to be Ben Affleck’s own muscles. There’s no way that you would see that much muscle definition – and you can actually see muscle striation – with someone wearing a cloth bodysuit. Hell, Affleck got jacked-up to play Batman in BvS, right? Just put him in a suit that’s supposed be cloth-based and infused with some sort of body armor. Dude will still look big! If they are trying to suggest that Batfleck is wearing some sort of “tights,” then that is ridiculous. Look on the pic below, OK? If Bruce isn't in the suit, then why does it have muscle the same muscle defintion on a hanger that it does when he's in it?

I get that they wanted to do something different with the Batsuit from what we saw in the previous Batman movies, but why kinda-sorta diss on the previous suits and the fact they were supposed to be “armored” and that's how Batman got his "powers?" Regardless, I do like it despite my nitpicks.

Oh yeah, you asked which Batsuit from the films is my fave. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the one from BATMAN BEGINS. However – believe it or not – I like the BATMAN RETURNS Batsuit a lot too.

When is the next BOF podcast?

JETT SAYS: Sean, Mark and I are planning on doing one at the end of the year which will, likely, coincide with the drop of the next BATMAN v SUPERMAN trailer.

With the recent announcement of Bill Finger finally getting long overdue credit as co-creator of Batman, how do you feel about Bob Kane now getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just under a month after said announcement?

JETT SAYS: I’m just happy that Mr. Finger is finally getting his due as Batman’s co-creator. With Mr. Kane getting a star on the HWF, the way I look at it is that his star represents ALL of those who helped create Batman, not just the man whose name is on it.

Now that it's been three years since the conclusion of the “Dark Knight Trilogy,” how do you answer this question: “How long was Bruce Wayne Batman?"

JETT SAYS: Let’s create a timeline, shall we?

Let’s say that from the time that Bruce returned to Gotham in BATMAN BEGINS to the film’s Gordon/Batman rooftop ending, about two years passed. To me, Bruce is Batman the moment Alfred picked him up in Asia in that jet.

In THE DARK KNIGHT, The Joker suggests that a year has gone by since Batman showed up in Gotham and took down Carmine Falcone. If you then add in the actual events that took place in TDK, that’s another six months to a year. Mark, I have that book you mentioned and THE DARK KNIGHT MANUAL suggests that there was a five year gap between the end of BEGINS and TDK as the original Bat-Suit had a five-year lifespan. However, I’m going with it being one year as that’s what is strongly insinuated in TDK by The Joker’s comment in the film – Nolan included that line for a reason.

Let’s now jump to THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. According to Gotham police officer John Blake, it’s been eight years since the “last known sighting of The Batman” in Gotham. However, I’d argue that he was Batman – in suit – for a time after he took the blame for Dent’s murders and ran off into the night at the end of TDK. Why? Because he did add on to – “remodel” for lack of a better word –The Batcave under the rebuilt Wayne Manor. When Alfred found Bruce down in The Batcave doing some detective work on Selina Kyle (yes, Bruce/Batman did do quite a bit of detective work over the course of the “Trilogy”), Alfred remarks that Bruce hadn’t been down there for a while. That means that he had been down there and probably because he was still Batmanning for period of time after the end of TDK. How long he was Batmanning is the question. Let’s say it was two year – maybe more – covertly assisting Gordon, the GPD, and the district attorney’s office during the “Dent Act” cleanup of Gotham. Once he actually suited-up again in RISES until he faked Batman’s death saving Gotham from the bomb blast, that’s another year Bruce was Batman.

Doing the math, Bruce Wayne was Batman in “The Dark Knight Trilogy” for about seven years. One could make an argument that it could a few years less or more, but I think seven is about right…give or take.

Did you prefer the designs in BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES or the redesigns from THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES?

JETT SAYS: I like both, but probably prefer the redesign since they actually made Batman’s cowl, boots, cape, and gloves black.

Seems like not too long ago you mentioned you had thoughts of what to do with BOF post “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” Now that Batman has had a new lease on life if you will, where do you now see BOF in the future of not only Batman on film , but DC on film as well? Thanks for your service to Batman fans everywhere since "Jett D 60s!" Seems like a lifetime ago.

JETT SAYS: Hi Stacy, good to hear from you again! Look, there’s no doubt that the years during the run of “The Dark Knight Trilogy” was the heyday of BOF – that’s when I was in my wheelhouse. Things are different now and BOF’s role is significantly different as well. I no longer have to lobby Warner Bros. for a Batman film (as I did from 1998 to 2005) and/or to make GOOD Batman movies. What BOF did back in the day was organic, unplanned and frankly, will never happen again with BOF or any other website. I’m proud of that.

Though my time in the spotlight is past, BOF isn’t going anywhere – neither am I. I’ll keep covering Batman movies as long as I can. And trust me, no one can cover the release of a Batman film – including BvS this March – from a Batman fan’s POV like I can.

Also, as soon as I retire from the “real job” in 2017, I’m going to write the definite book on the history of Batman on film. Stay tuned!

Do you think that too much has already been revealed about BATMAN v SUPERMAN? I couldn't believe how much was revealed [in the recent magazine features]. But what is there anything even left for the imagination?

JETT SAYS: While we’ve seen a lot of BvS to date, I think we know relatively nothing about what will take place in the film. I believe that the two trailers are very strategic in terms of making us all think one thing, while the movie will deliver something else entirely. What I also think they are doing is a bit of world and character building – especially when it comes to this new, DCEU version of Batman. Thus when we see the film, there won’t be a need to tell Bruce’s backstory or a lot of exposition explaining this universe.

How did Sixth Street in Austin treat ya?

JETT SAYS: Alex, we had a blast! Stayed at the W and hit a few of my fave spots in the city! Austin is one of my favorite cities in the world and I always enjoy my time there. I’m glad I only live about 2.5 hours away so I can visit that place 3 or 4 times a year. If you are reading this and have never checked out the ATX, I highly recommend that you do!

Fixin' to celebrate #50 in the ATX!

Jett, based on what we have seen in the trailers and what seems to have been revealed in the TOTAL FILM feature, I wonder if this "Batman raging against Superman" thing will look realistic.

JETT SAYS: Jorge, I do. With this DCEU being grounded and realistic, how do you think people – including Bruce Wayne – would react if an invulnerable flying alien showed up on Earth? He’d either be feared or worshiped as a god, right? And I think BvS is going to address that. Batman – sorta being the ultimate human – would indeed fear that this dude would want to rule the planet as a tyrant.

What is your opinion on a Batman film being a “period piece?”

JETT SAYS: Oh, I’d love it! Wouldn’t it be cool to see a Batman film set in 1939? I also think a Batman film set in the 70s would be cool too.

What do you think about the notion that Coleman Reese was Nolan's version of The Riddler/Edward Nygma?

JETT SAYS: Coleman Reese was not Chris’s version of The Riddler – he was Coleman Reese, period. At the event that followed the premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: PROLOGUE, I got to visit with Chris and his wife, Emma Thomas, for about 40 minutes one on one. Not an interview, just visiting. I asked him since RISES was the last film in the series, did he regret not using The Penguin or The Riddler in any of the films? And he said no, not at all because they used the villains/characters that fit each film. I told him that many fans thought Coleman Reese in THE DARK KNIGHT was his version of The Riddler (“Mr. Reese”) and he just laughed and said if he used The Riddler, he wouldn’t been “The Riddler.”

I probably should've saved that story for "BOF: THE BOOK."

In light of the new rumor that the first solo Batfleck Batflick will be influenced by “A Death in The Family” and “Under the Red Hood,” I have a new theory on who sends Bruce the aforementioned message in the newspaper: It was Jason Todd! What say you Brother Jett?!” (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Hi Daniel, good to hear from you! I think it’s someone upset with Bruce Wayne after the Wayne building in Metropolis was destroyed by Superman and Zod – which killed hundreds of Wayne Enterprises employees, obviously. I think Bruce feels immensely guilty about it and it’s one of the reasons he takes on Superman. And look at the title of the newspaper headline: "WAYNE TOWER DEVASTATED."

My issue with the Jason Todd rumor is that I find it hard to believe that in this “grounded, gritty and realistic” universe that Zack Snyder and co. are creating, they’d actually bring a human back from dead. I think it’s WAY more powerful if Jason Todd – or whichever Robin The Joker killed in the DCEU – stays dead. Hell, I never wanted Jason Todd brought back from the dead in the comics either.

Have you ever been indifferent towards a Batman character, and then a new interpretation comes along in comics, animation, or live-action that makes you a fan of the character? I felt that way about Scarecrow in BATMAN BEGINS. (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: Hi Sarah, great question! For me, that character would be Bane from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. I never liked the character in the comics, but I did like Chris Nolan’s take on the character a lot. I don’t know if it made me a fan of the comic book Bane, but I think the way the character was portrayed in RISES was a vast improvement on comic book incarnation.

Hey, Jett. I've been meaning to ask you, do you think BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is overall a better made show, or just better period, than SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES? Or do you like both shows, equally? (via EMAIL)

JETT SAYS: John, I never really watched S:TAS, so I can’t say if it was a made series that B:TAS. The episodes I watched were good; but I’m just a much bigger fan of Batman than Superman.

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