"Thanksgiving Weekend 2014 Mailbag"
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Novemember 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! Here's a special holiday edition of the BOF Mailbag!

Also, thanks for all the questions and keep them coming via EMAIL, BOF's FACEBOOK PAGE, or on BOF's TWITTER.

Do you feel that CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR was cooked up deliberately to compete with BvS?

JETT SAYS: Possibly. But quite frankly, nothing can equal the first meeting between Batman and Superman on the big screen in a live-action film. And Seth, keep in mind that while there is indeed a bit of a rivalry between Warner Bros. and Marvel Films when it comes to their superhero movies, both of them want ALL comic book-based films to be good and succeed at the box office. It's just good for the genre overall.

Hey Jett, Harley Quinn is coming to film soon for the first time, she's always been a bit of a divisive character in the Bat community in terms of whether she takes something away from the Joker. What's your opinion towards her?

JETT SAYS: I wouldn’t say that I’m a big fan of the character, but I don’t dislike her either. Call me indifferent I guess. Like I've said, just hire a hot, blonde bimbo with big 'ol boobs to play her and I'll be happy.


JETT SAYS: Elias, I know that the teaser is finished; I was only speculating that it’ll be with THE HOBBIT: BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES because it’s the biggest film that Warner Bros. – well, New Line, actually – has coming out over the next several months. I think the fact that Disney just released a teaser for the new STAR WARS film – 13 months out from the film’s release makes it very likely will get on for BvS soon. If it comes out in December, we’re only talking about a 15 month difference between teaser and the film’s release.

What color is the new utility belt?

JETT SAYS: Looks black to me.

How do you fell about the new Joker possibly debuting in a non-Batman flick?

JETT SAYS: I’ve got no problem with it. Clearly – if the rumor is true – it’s meant to give this SUICIDE SQUAD a boost as well as set up an encounter with Batfleck in the upcoming solo Batman film.

Happy Thanksgiving Jett! When do you believe they will announce the next director for the Solo Bat series?

JETT SAYS: Well, since it’s not coming ‘til 2019 (so I’ve been told), probably not anytime soon. Personally, I think there’s already a director on board.

Any news on any BATMAN v SUPERMAN-related marketing reveal(s) before the end of 2014?

JETT SAYS: Nope…only the teaser trailer if it’s released.

Do you think that the perfect answer to Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and Rocket Racoon could be Shadowpact with Detective Chimp? Do you think that the "Justice League Dark" film might include some of those characters? I just think they have a wealth of stories that could be tapped into with that brand.

JETT SAYS: That’s an interesting thought Joshua. I certainly think that Shadowpact could be part of the DC Dark Universe on film which – from what I’ve heard – will not be part of the DCU on film with Superman and Batman.

Jett, what do you think is different about BOF and the state of the Batman film franchise compared to when you first started? (via email)

JETT SAYS: Oh man, A LOT is different! When I started BOF back in June of 1998, the Batman film franchise was on life support. Remember, this was a year after BATMAN AND ROBIN and I didn’t know if we’d get another Batman film any time soon – or ever again for that matter. Also, the comic book movie genre was nothing like it is today (“The Golden Age of Comic Book Movies”). Back then, BOF was all about one thing and one thing only: lobbying Warner Bros. to give Batman on film another chance.

And eventually, they did.

Today, Batman on film is in great shape mainly due to the success of “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” Batman movies and the character itself – and I don’t think this is even arguable – are tremendously popular amongst the mainstream audience.

As far as BOF today, a lot is different as well. I’m no longer having to lobby for good – or even another – Batman film. I guess BOF is now all about supporting the Batman film franchise. Honestly – and I’m not tooting my own horn – what happened with BOF and Batman on film was a unique, uncontrived, once-in-a-lifetime thing that will never happen again.

There's a Thanksgiving dinner in the Batcave. Who all is sitting at the table?

JETT SAYS: If I’m making the guest list, it would be me, Batman, Elvis, Steve Austin (“The Six Million Dollar Man,” not the wrestler), Evil Knievel, Roger Staubach and Ace the Bat-Hound. And Kate Upton.

Jett my friend, is the end of BvS going to lead into JUSTICE LEAGUE? Do you think Batman could cameo in SUICIDE SQUAD? With films like THE HUNGER GAMES series and HARRY POTTER have released the first part of their two part movies one year, and part two the next. Is two years apart too much for part two? Finally Happy Thanksgiving!

JETT SAYS: While I don’t think that BvS will end in a cliffhanger per se, but it’s clear that part of the agenda is to set up JUSTICE LEAGUE.

As far as Batman cameoing in SUICIDE SQUAD, it’s possible – especially if The Joker is indeed in that film – but I don’t think it’s ultimately going to happen. I figure that he’ll be mentioned and that’ll be the extend to a Bat-cameo. Finally, I don’t have an issue with the time span between JUSTICE LEAGUE, PART 1 and JL, PART 2 because it’s really not two full years between films – it’s more like a year and a half. HTG to you as well!

Do you think anything would be different for the future DC films if MAN OF STEEL was a far bigger success at the box-office? Would we still have Justice League films?

JETT SAYS: Maybe, but probably not. And let’s not act like MAN OF STEEL was a flop because it wasn’t. Now did it do as well as Warner Bros. thought it would? No – they thought that they had a billion dollar film going in. Nevertheless, it made a whole hell of a lot of money for WB and it was a success. I will say that my very first reaction to the news that Batman would be in the MoS sequel was that WB was shaking their moneymaker and including Batman to guarantee a huge box office. Now, that might be a bit of the case – I know I still think it’s true to a certain degree – but Warner was going to make a Justice League film eventually no matter what.

What do you think about Lex Luthor and The Joker being members of the Suicide Squad? Aren`t they "too big" for what is essentially a team of B and C-listers (which in my opinion is the coolest thing about it)?

JETT SAYS: I don’t think that either Lex or The Joker will be members of the team. I’m believe both – if the characters are ultimately in the film – will be nothing more than extended cameos at the most. And I totally agree with you the appeal of the Suicide Squad is indeed the fact that it’s made up of lesser-known – but still cool – DC characters. Now that I’m thinking about it, perhaps Luthor and The Joker are the film’s villains?

Do you think that BATMAN AND ROBIN will ever be vindicated in the future; the way the 60s BATMAN TV series has been? It kinda happened with BATMAN FOREVER.

JETT SAYS: Jaime, BATMAN AND ROBIN will not ever be “vindicated” if you mean that it’ll be accepted as a quality addition to Batman history. That’s not going to happen because, quite frankly, it’s one of the lowest and worst moments in Batman history. With that said Jaime, I think B&R is now in able to be “tolerated” by Batman fans – especially since we got “The Dark Knight Trilogy.” For example, I can watch it without the total contempt I had for it back in 1997. And while you might be able to say that B&R was an updated version of the 60s TV series, that latter tremendously hurt Batman while the former pretty much saved Batman from possible extinction.

As far as BATMAN FOREVER, let’s not forget it was a pretty big hit when it came out back in 1995 and most people were very happy with it. Historically, I think it was more appreciated back then than it is now because people want to lop in in with B&R and retroactively declare that FOREVER was the same as its direct sequel. I will say that I’m quite looking forward to the rumored Joel Schumacher-penned comic miniseries that, allegedly, will show us what the director wanted to do in his Batman on film trilogy if he had the same carte blanche as Chris Nolan enjoyed.

Do you think we will ever get a Batman on film that is in his prime as opposed to before or past it? And secondly, a Batman that isn't so polarized in certain aspects that he is either based so much in realism as in “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” or is based so much on one story – THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS – as seemingly the character will be in BvS?

JETT SAYS: Well, Joshua, I think we got a “Batman in his prime” in THE DARK KNIGHT as well as in BATMAN FOREVER. As far as how Batman is being portrayed in BvS – and the characterization is definitely based on Miller’s TDKR – I’m totally down with. Maybe it’s because I’m 11 months out from turning 50, but I’m looking forward to seeing a Batman who is of my vintage and has been Batmanning for 15 to 20 years. One last thing in regards to Batman’s portrayal in “The Dark Knight Trilogy” being “polarizing” based on the “realism” aspect, I feel that the only people who were polarized were fanboys. I think the mainstream – and most Batman fans – liked Nolan’s take on the Batman mythos and the proof is in the box office pudding.

Who you got in the Super Bowl this year?

JETT SAYS: JP, being objective, I’d say New England vs. Green Bay based on how both are playing right now. But how teams are playing right now don’t amount to a hill of beans in today’s National Football League. And I can’t believe that the NFL is going to allow any team from the NFC South in the playoffs this year!

Jena Malone: Carrie Kelly or Babara Gordon? If Barbara, will she be Oracle or Batgirl? I'm pulling for Oracle. (via email)

JETT SAYS: I think it’s highly likely that she’s Carrie Kelly based on what I’ve been hearing and that fact that this cinematic version of Batman is based on a lot on THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. However, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Carrie Kelly rumor was a BS rumor planted by the studio to throw people off…unless it wasn’t.

Other than the next solo Batman film, what DC movie project are you most looking forward to seeing? BATMAN v SUPERMAN? JUSTICE LEAGUE?

JETT SAYS: SUICIDE SQUAD hands down – WAY more than JUSTICE LEAGUE. I’m super excited for BvS as well because I’m anxious to see Ben Affleck’s Batman.

And get Kate Upton to play Harley!

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